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Running Assessment + Programming
Do you want to start running? Are you thinking about returning to running following pregnancy or after an injury?  Unsure of how to progress or increase your mileage?
We want to acknowledge the importance of a safe (return to) running program for ALL bodies, following ALL types of injury and/or illness, and address ALL types of running goals you may have for yourself.
In the assessment, we will cover:
  • Health and injury history
  • Running experience and goals
  • Baseline functional movement screen (i.e. strength, flexibility, balance)
  • Shoe wear history
Based off of this assessment, we will go over results and develop a plan that fits your needs.  We will also discuss if there is a need for further evaluation prior to introducing programming.  If needed, this will be completed by one of our highly skilled orthopedic Physical Therapists, Erica Champlin or Dr. Pat Grabowski or Pelvic Health Physical Therapist, Dr. Jill O'Brien.
Programming may consist of the following:
  • Running program progression (increase volume and intensity)
  • Introduction or progression of strength or mobility training
  • Address any imbalances found during assessment
  • Shoe recommendations and orthotic fitting

Postpartum Running

Information and guidelines about return to activity and even more so, running, following baby is not very well represented, and often times can be misguided.  


This is why we, in collaboration with Vitality Running, created a Guide to Postpartum Running e-book and Guide to Postpartum Running wellness course.

Are you unsure how to incorporate safe return to running following baby?  Check out our FREE e-book to get you started today and start your return to running journey in a safe and healthy way.

Want more?  Check out our full course here.  The goal of the course is to guide mamas through the first 16 weeks of their postpartum transition with a safe return to activity and fitness routine.  Also provided in this course is education on topics including diaphragmatic breathing, core and pelvic floor health, nutrition, baby wearing, and yellow or red flags to watch out for as you start to add in higher levels of activity.

Guide to Postpartum Running cours
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