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Services:  Lifestyle and Nutrition

The goal of our Lifestyle and Nutrition program is to take a step back and sort out if there are lifestyle, behavioral and nutritional components of your life that could be impacting your symptoms.  We want to to teach you how to use food as medicine to address ongoing health concerns and to encourage subtle shifts in your day to day life that will encourage new habits and ultimately lead to better health!


What to expect:

In our first session, we will take a deep dive into your current and past nutrition history.  In addition to nutrition, we will discuss other pertinent information to fully support you in your journey to feeling better:

  • Medical history (i.e. surgeries, lab work, autoimmune disease)

  • Where you are at in your life cycle (hormones, menopause, postpartum)

  • Lifestyle habits (i.e. sleep, movement, stress)  


The program consists of an initial consult and follow up visits based on your needs.  Following each visit, a detailed summary will be sent via email, including a summary of our discussion and findings, lifestyle and nutrition recommendations, suggestions on supplements if needed and a variety of resources to keep you on track for success.

Who can benefit:

This program can benefit anyone who is experiencing:

  • Hormone-related issues: menstrual changes, hot flashes, weight gain, low libido, acne

  • Gut-related issues: IBS, chronic constipation, gas/bloating, acid reflux

  • Brain-related issues: brain fog, stress/anxiety, disrupted sleep, fatigue, headaches/migraines

  • Autoimmune-related issues: Celiacs, Crohns/UC, dementia/Alzheimers, fibromyalgia, diffuse pain


Your journey to feeling better doesn't have to be overwhelming.  Subtle shifts and small steps can lead to huge changes when you have someone guiding you in the right direction.

Still have questions?  Please contact us, we would love to chat!


This badge designates that Chelsea has successfully completed mindbodygreen’s Functional Nutrition Certification and has earned the title mbg Functional Nutrition Expert.  

Disclaimer: The information provided to you should not take the place of medical advice and should be discussed with your primary care provider if you have questions or concerns.

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