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Empowering Women through the Motherhood Transition

Updated: Feb 5

women working out with weights
mom and baby doing yoga

What we are listening to...

They recently had on two amazing ladies from Girls Gone Strong that has some really great information on a variety of female-specific lifting topics. Click on the link to listen to common pelvic health dysfunctions, resistance training during and after pregnancy, and more about motherhood transitions.

What we are reading...

In 2013, Ashlee Wells Jackson turned personal tragedy into a worldwide movement promoting body acceptance and open dialogue about the pregnancy and postpartum issues women face. In The 4th Trimester Bodies Project, she has compiled photographs of women after they’ve delivered their babies and shares their personal stories. The images are meant to shed light on the true beauty of a women’s body, celebrate differences, and acknowledge the physical and emotional impacts of childbearing on a woman’s life.

What we are watching...

Two awesome people we follow pretty closely are Jenny Burrell (UK) and Michelle Lyons (Ireland). Not only do we love to listen to them for their accents, these lovey ladies have awesome information for women of all ages and walks of life.

In this particular video, Jenny talks about "optimal" nutrition for postnatal rehab and recovery, specifically on how inflammation actually moves us away from healing our bodies properly after baby.

What we are practicing...

This is a great exercise to help improve coordination of breath and movement while maintaining proper abdominal tension. So often we think that the only way to strengthen our "core" is to do crunches... Just think, how hard would it be to walk around all day in that crunch or fetal position? A better way to strengthen your abdominals is to create tension throughout your abdominal wall while lengthening and moving your body away from midline. Because, every time you reach overhead to put something away, you need support and strength from your abdominals.


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