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Let's Learn About ... Pelvic Health

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What we are listening to...

We have been loving the Pelvic Health Podcast. Lori Forner, physiotherapists from Australia and PhD candidate, interviews leading experts in pelvic health. We recently listened to an episode that featured the topic of pelvic pain and the important factors in managing symptoms. Click here to learn a broader approach to help rebuild confidence in coping with chronic pelvic pain.

What we are reading...

This amazing book authored by Leslie Howard brings together everything two of our favorite topics: pelvic health and yoga. In this book, you will explore historical and cultural stereotypes, as well as learn basic pelvic anatomy and common dysfunctions. In addition to gaining more knowledge, Leslie takes you through several key yoga poses and breathing practices designed to awaken and heal the female pelvis.

We recently listened to a webinar on pelvic pain featuring two amazing physiotherapists abroad (Michelle Lyons and Sue Croft). They are very knowledgeable in the world of pelvic health and we couldn't more excited to share this information on pelvic floor essentials. This book talks about everything including pain management, common pelvic floor dysfunctions, and even normal bladder and bowel function.

What we are practicing...

Breath and pelvic mobility are both super important for so many reasons.

First, let's talk breath...Not only does it relax us both mentally and physically, but when done properly, our diaphragm and pelvic floor work together to create better uniformity in both movement and coordination throughout our entire abdominal wall.

So, why is pelvic mobility important?

There are several major hip, spinal and abdominal muscles that attach to the pelvis. Keeping mobility within and around the pelvis allows for better function of those muscles and decrease risk of pelvic pain.

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