Services:  Running Assessment and Programming
Do you want to start running? Are you thinking about returning to running following pregnancy or after an injury?  Unsure of how to progress or increase your mileage?
We want to acknowledge the importance of a safe (return to) running program for ALL bodies, following ALL types of injury and/or illness, and address ALL types of running goals you may have for yourself.
In the assessment, we will cover:
  • Health history (i.e. previous injuries)
  • Running experience and goals
  • Baseline functional movement screen (i.e. strength, flexibility, coordination)
Based off of this assessment, we will go over results and what they mean.  We will also discuss if there is a need for further evaluation prior to introducing programming.  If needed this will be completed by physical therapist, Dr. Jill O'Brien.
Programming may consist of the following:
  • Running program progression (increase volume and intensity)
  • Introduction or progression of strength or mobility training
  • Address any imbalances found during assessment