Services:  Therapy + Wellness 
Work one on one with Chelsea Barnes, Physical Therapist Assistant and personal trainer in a much more intimate fitness setting than what you are used to.  Whether your goals are to return to running, working with less pain, or navigating your daily activities, Chelsea will help you to discover the areas that may need more focus or attention.  She will remove the obstacle of “where to start”.  Chelsea will start with basic movements to build your foundation and will help guide your progress to allow you to reach your personal goals.  An expert in combining therapy and wellness - you won’t find a better guide to bridge the gap between your current injury or pain and your personal wellness goals!
Interested specifically in pregnancy or postpartum care?  Learn more about the Therapy + Wellness "Motherhood" Package.
Therapy + Wellness Package ($350)
5 - 60 minute visits with Chelsea Barnes, PTA, CSCS
What you may experience in your sessions:
  • An initial screen
    • Return to running screen 
    • Assessment of strength training mechanics and form
    • Assessment of work station set up
  • Progression of exercises or activities
    • Return to running program​
    • Return to strength training program
  • Behavioral or postural modifications
    • Work station modification​
    • Nutrition counseling
  • A home exercise or movement program specific to YOU!
  • Physical Therapy modalities or manual therapy
Please contact us if you would like to book an appointment or have any further questions regarding the Therapy + Wellness Package.