Services:  The Vagina Dialogue
A personalized event designed specifically around the topic of your choice!

Inspired by my own wonderful and curious girlfriends - The Vagina Dialogue allows you the time, space and privacy to ask the questions that have been on your mind forever!
"Is it normal to pee when I jump?" 
"Why can't I make it to the bathroom without leaking!?!?"
"Is it normal [insert all questions postpartum]?"
"What is a prolapse anyway?"
"Why doesn't intercourse feel the same?"
"Orgasm - what?"
We will work together to find a time and space that works well for your group.  I can share my office space after hours or I will come to you!  Perfect for girlfriend get-togethers, book/wine clubs (I can even suggest a book/wine list!) or as an added bonus to an exercise group.  Pairs nicely with wine and snacks!
Cost: $100 for a 1-2 hour event
Ideal for groups of 4-15 individuals.
Please contact Jill for more information and to start a dialogue!

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