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Guidance and accountability for your movement or nutrition goals!

Personal Training

Chelsea Barnes is a Physical Therapist Assistant, a Functional Nutrition Provider and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.  She has a strong therapy and wellness background working with those in the pregnancy and menopausal transitions.  She has worked in a variety of fitness and wellness settings and is able to meet you where you are in your wellness journey. Chelsea will also focus on education and guidance around your nutrition and lifestyle habits.


Who can benefit:

  • Those who are just getting started with movement and need accountability and guidance 

  • Those who need a fresh set of eyes and progression of your current program

  • Those who do better working out with buddy

  • Those who may be working through or returning from an injury or surgery

  • Those who have a specific goal in mind (hellllo 5K or beach vacation!)

  • Those who would like guidance and progression through the perinatal transition

    • ​preconception, pregnancy and postpartum

the details:

  • Personal training services include individual and small group (2-4 people) sessions

  • Individual - $60/session

  • Duo (2 people) - $90/session ($45/person)

  • Trio (3 people) - $110/session ($36/person)

  • Quad (4 people) - $120/session ($30/session)

  • For small groups, we recommend that you find a group that plays well together and has similar movement goals.  Please contact us to schedule your small group!  

  • Virtual and in-person options available

  • Single sessions or packages of 5 or 10 sessions available

Running Assessment + Programming

Thinking about becoming a runner? Are you hoping to return to running following pregnancy or after an injury? Unsure of how to progress or increase your mileage?


We want to acknowledge the importance of a safe (return to) running program for ALL bodies, following ALL types of injury and/or illness, and address ALL types of running goals you may have for yourself.

In the assessment, we will cover:

  • Health and injury history

  • Running experience and goals

  • Baseline functional movement screen (i.e. strength, flexibility, balance)

  • Shoe wear history

Based off of this assessment, we will go over results and develop a plan that fits your needs.  We will also discuss if there is a need for further evaluation prior to introducing programming.  If needed, this will be completed by one of our highly skilled Orthopedic Physical Therapists, Erica Champlin or Dr. Pat Grabowski, Pelvic Health Physical Therapist, Dr. Jill O'Brien or our Functional Nutrition Expert, Chelsea Barnes.

Programming may consist of the following:

  • Running program progression (increase volume and intensity)

  • Introduction or progression of strength or mobility training

  • Address any imbalances found during assessment

  • Shoe recommendations and orthotic fitting

  • Nutrition recommendations or guidance


Be Mobile

Join Chelsea for this 6-week mobility series that focuses on reducing muscle tension and tightness, improving balance, and education of how the body is intended to move.


This series will incorporate both education and movement around total body mobility and balance.  In addition to stretches, an emphasis on dynamic mobility and strengthening will be incorporated within each class.  A variety of equipment will be used to give you more tools to increase your overall mobility (i.e. myofascial release balls, foam roller)


Whether you are someone who always feels stiff,  someone who has a goal to improve your mobility, or someone who needs to improve your balance, this is a great class to keep you feeling MOBILE


Class details:

If we are running a class there will be more information on our "book now" page! 

Feel free to reach out with questions!

Be Strong

Join Chelsea for this 6-week women’s wellness series that focuses on incorporating both movement and education to support your overall health.  Each class will include hormone education, nutrition support, and a strength program.  A variety of equipment will be used that will encompass functional strengthening, mobility and cardio.


Whether you are a recreational athlete, new to strength training, or someone who struggles to find time to incorporate movement, this class is perfect to build a foundation of strength with the added benefit of both hormone and nutrition education to fully support you and your body.


Class details:

If we are running a class there will be more information on our "book now" page! 

Feel free to reach out with questions!

Building Better Bones

Join Chelsea for a 6-week series (1x/week) that focuses on movement and education to support your bone health.


Over 61 million people in the U.S. are living with osteoporosis/osteopenia, but it’s not too late to get a jump start on your health by learning ways to improve or maintain your bone health.


In this series, you will learn movements to strengthen your muscles and bones, including functional strength, core activation, and balance exercises.  In addition to movements, education will also be provided to give you the best information to live your best life (i.e. nutrition, body mechanics)


Class details:

If we are running a class there will be more information on our "book now" page! 

Feel free to reach out with questions!

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