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Services:  Visceral Mobilization
What is Visceral Mobilization?

Visceral mobilization is a gentle manual therapy treatment that addresses tension in the connective tissue within and around our organs.  Each organ is anchored to our skeletal system (our bones) by tendons, ligaments, fascia or other connective tissue which holds them in place.  Healthy tissue should move and glide easily and your viscera (your organs) and your musculoskeletal system (your muscles and bones) should not limit motion of the other.  However, due to a number of factors, restrictions within our musculoskeletal system can cause issues in and around our organs.  The reverse of this is also true; dysfunction, inflammation, or scar tissue in or around our organs can cause restrictions within our musculoskeletal system.


For example, right shoulder pain could be an issue with your rotator cuff or it could be caused from restrictions surrounding your liver, gall bladder or colon (or more than likely a combination of both).

What can I expect during treatment?
Visceral manipulation is a gentle compression that can feel like a stretch or mild pressure in the abdomen, sides or back.  This stretching and compression may result in some mild warmth, tingling or redness to the area due to increased blood flow.
What conditions can Visceral Mobilization treat?
  • Acute Disorders: whiplash, seatbelt injuries, chest or abdominal sports injuries, concussion, traumatic brain injuries

  • Musculoskeletal Disorders: chronic spinal dysfunction, headaches and migraine, carpal tunnel syndrome, peripheral joint pain, sciatica, neck pain

  • Digestive Disorders: bloating and constipation, nausea and acid reflux, GERD, swallowing dysfunctions

  • Women’s Health Issues: chronic pelvic pain, symptoms related to endometriosis, symptoms related to fibroids and cysts, dysmenorrhea or painful periods, bladder incontinence, effects of menopause, pain with intercourse

  • Pain Related to: post-operative scar tissue, post-infection scar tissue, abdominal adhesions, chronic muscle strain

  • Pediatric Issues: constipation and gastritis, persistent vomiting, colic, bladder and bowel dysfunction

  • Emotional Issues: anxiety, depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Read our blog post on Visceral Mobilization for more information!

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