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Services:  Menopause Wellness and Education
Want to learn more about the menopause transition?  Check out our blog post on the Magic of Menopause.

MenoMove - Online at your own pace!

Menopause is merely a moment in time when you have gone 12 months without a full cycle.  (Pre)menopause is the transition leading up to that moment and can last for 5-10 years. This is the time when we should be learning about our bodies, how our shifting hormones are impacting our daily life and what we can do promote a safe and healthy passage into the next stage of our lives.  Hot flashes are not the only tell tale sign that something is changing.  Sleep disruption, diffuse joint and muscle pain, menstrual cycle irregularities, increased anxiety, bowel, bladder and even skin changes are symptoms that we should begin to notice and to listen to.


This is why we created an 8-week online wellness series that focuses on education and movement around the menopause transition.  Check out the full-course here.

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